Academic Coaching
  • Prepare for exams using a plan of action designed for spaced repetition and active recall techniques.
  • Create positive study habits and time management techniques for the age of remote learning.
  • Create a schedule that will help you stay on top of assignments and avoid cramming.

  • Learning course objectives and reviewing concepts for a successful semester and good grades.
    • Sessions will be planned according to the student’s syllabus or specific concepts needed.
  • Homework troubleshooting is available.
    • Students will learn to be self sufficient and how to obtain the information that may not be available in class notes through research.
  • Essay peer-review and feedback services available live and offline.

I specialize in the General Biological Sciences and particularly in Genetics, Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology, and Microbiology but other subjects can be discussed on a case by case basis.


Remote sessions using Zoom
Flexible scheduling

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