Establishing Goals and Weekly Habits for Success: How I use Opus One for Long-Term Planning

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I use Opus One for daily and weekly planning and today I want to highlight two of the less basic features which I use for my long term planning and to make sure I stay on track and working towards my goals: the compass andContinue reading “Establishing Goals and Weekly Habits for Success: How I use Opus One for Long-Term Planning”

How I use Opus One to Plan my Life: My Daily and Weekly Planning Workflow.

My quest for productivity has been long and has evolved much over time. One of the key components of how I manage to stay on top of my to-do list is my curated daily and weekly planning workflow. I want to be a paper planner person. I love the aesthetic of the cute planners withContinue reading “How I use Opus One to Plan my Life: My Daily and Weekly Planning Workflow.”

The Power of Accountability Buddies

We as humans tend to have these dreams that we find ourselves ruminating over for months, years, decades and we often do not ever act upon them. These dreams tend to be filed away in our brain’s darkest corners due to our own insecurities because we do not know how to put them into action,Continue reading “The Power of Accountability Buddies”

The neuroscience behind tidying up

Unless you are a unique individual who thrives in the chaos of messy workstations and insurmountable piles of clutter, deep down you probably already know that you should have a clean and tidy desk. In our previous publication, we talked about tips for┬átraining your brain to do work. Here is a case for why youContinue reading “The neuroscience behind tidying up”

Seize the day: Training your brain to get stuff done.

You stare at a pile of notes and your list of to-dos continues to increase every day. The number of impending deadlines is overwhelming so you attempt to sit down and work. However, your brain would rather inspect that random mark on your wall than be productive. You get a notification, open it, and suddenlyContinue reading “Seize the day: Training your brain to get stuff done.”

How I use Notion to organize my life

Everyone who interacts with me on a daily basis has heard me rave about Notion at least once since I started using it. This program is lightweight, installable or fully online, and is available for all platforms and operating systems. I discovered it through a YouTube video posted by one of my favorite productivity coaches, and IContinue reading “How I use Notion to organize my life”